Monday, May 08, 2006

Deployment for WCM in MOSS

From Tyler Butler of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server team at Microsoft:

Content Deployment
There’s been a lot of interest in learning more about the WCM feature set that has been built into MOSS and how Internet-facing sites can be built, maintained, and supported on top of MOSS. In this post, I’ll cover how a particular WCM feature called Content Deployment supports multi-farm topologies and can be used to enable authoring -> staging -> production scenarios. I’ll talk a little about previous solutions to the problem, give you an overview of the Content Deployment feature, and discuss the architecture of the feature in-depth.

This is a welcome upgrade from the Site Deployment Object from MCMS 2002. SDOs are pretty nifty in their own right, but are limited in features and impossible for non-administrators to use.

Of course, this doesn't squelch the debate of dynamic front-facing pages (a la MCMS) vs. static front-facing HTML (a la Interwoven). I'm almost certain that Site Stager will not appear in MOSS 2007/WCM, but that doesn't mean a replacement can't be created by the community.


Anonymous said...

It's a good article. Reading the comments though, a lot of people have a lot of serious problems with the feature. Do you know if these problems still exist in the RTM version?

Joelsef said...

AFAIK, it's not perfect in RTM. I haven't had much chance to use it yet so I don't know first hand.

Many of the comments in the Microsoft blog post are post-RTM, so it looks like it's an ongoing issue. Maybe SP1 or the future SP2 will fix it? Or SharePoint 2010?