Monday, July 28, 2014

HDHomeRun DLNA Streaming Options

SiliconDust makes a series of network over-the-air and digital cable/CableCard tuners. I wrote an overview of the streaming support of these tuners on Zatz Not Funny: Streaming Cable TV via HDHomeRun DLNA

Here are a few ways to consume this content using the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) features of Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, desktop and mobile operating systems.

I will expand on each over time and add more options as I come across them. Please add your suggestions in the comments!

Smart TV – Samsung Hub (certain models)
This works very well via the included DLNA network browser.

Android - DLNA Browser – MediaHouse
Requires a video player like...

Android Video – Wondershare
Requires a media browser like MediaHouse.

Android Video – MX Player
Requires a media browser like MediaHouse.

Android App – HDHomeRun View (by SiliconDust)

Android App – HDHomeRun TV (not by SiliconDust)
Android only right now. Coming to iOS.

Windows Media Player
Can browse UPnP/DLNA folders via Windows Explorer and open streams using WMP. Maybe. If it works.

Windows Media Center (Windows 7 Home Premium+ and 8 Pro)
Multi-platform - VLC
Can use a DLNA browser or use this method to open a channel stream using VLC.

iPad 2 - Elgato App
Was the first app for mobile that could stream HDHomeRun Prime video. Only worked with the iPad 2, and may have disappeared/gets no support.
Problems: (discussion gone as of 9/9/2014 - fixed?)
Allowed recording too.

Down the Road
·         Android TV has been mentioned, as well as some sort of guide/UI for browsing channels. That would be very cool!

What else do you use to stream HDHomeRun content on your home network?