Monday, July 28, 2014

HDHomeRun DLNA Streaming Options

SiliconDust makes a series of network over-the-air and digital cable/CableCard tuners. I wrote an overview of the streaming support of these tuners on Zatz Not Funny: Streaming Cable TV via HDHomeRun DLNA

Here are a few ways to consume this content using the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) features of Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, desktop and mobile operating systems.

I will expand on each over time and add more options as I come across them. Please add your suggestions in the comments!

Smart TV – Samsung Hub (certain models)
This works very well via the included DLNA network browser.

Android - DLNA Browser – MediaHouse
Requires a video player like...

Android Video – Wondershare
Requires a media browser like MediaHouse.

Android Video – MX Player
Requires a media browser like MediaHouse.

Android App – HDHomeRun View (by SiliconDust)

Android App – HDHomeRun TV (not by SiliconDust)
Android only right now. Coming to iOS.

Windows Media Player
Can browse UPnP/DLNA folders via Windows Explorer and open streams using WMP. Maybe. If it works.

Windows Media Center (Windows 7 Home Premium+ and 8 Pro)
Multi-platform - VLC
Can use a DLNA browser or use this method to open a channel stream using VLC.

iPad 2 - Elgato App
Was the first app for mobile that could stream HDHomeRun Prime video. Only worked with the iPad 2, and may have disappeared/gets no support.
Problems: (discussion gone as of 9/9/2014 - fixed?)
Allowed recording too.

Down the Road
·         Android TV has been mentioned, as well as some sort of guide/UI for browsing channels. That would be very cool!

What else do you use to stream HDHomeRun content on your home network?


Michael Morris said...

iPad 2 - Elgado (sic) App

I currently run Elgato EyeTV v3.6.5 ($79) with my IMac 3.5Ghz i7 (OSX Mavericks) and SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL 2-Tuner ($79 Amazon).

The HDHomeRun DUAL streams two OTA channels to my Mac via ethernet cable. EyeTV allows me to view live TV on my 27" iMac (picture in a picture if desired), record and play back video with all expected features including instantaneous step back or forward with a user determined interval.

The live TV signal is carried by local wifi to my iDevice. (Elegato EyeTV App, $5 iTunes). Curiously no transcode is required for live TV. The App can also read the TVGuide, schedule recordings and play back recordings on my iPad/iPhone (perhaps others). Transcoding of recordings to H264 for wifi transmission is done in the background on the iMac. A one hour program takes about one hour to transcode. After transcoding the video is available directly to the EyeTV App on an iDevice and it is also dropped into iTunes available to any iTunes player on the network - I use Apple TV connected to a 40" Samsung TV. If that weren't enough EyeTV also provides Slingbox-like features.

The OSX EyeTV app offers simple in-app editing (perhaps to remove ads) and exports to any format supported by Quicktime which opens doors to advanced editing, archiving and custom video players.

$20 a YEAR for TVGuide enables 2 weeks of programing and series programing. In addition to “record the series…” the OSX app has smart guides that use booleans to select programs that are not listed as a series (like NFL Football + Cowboys).

EyeTV has an UI worthy of Mac.

Elegato dropped their OTA tuner hardware for North America a year or so ago, but the excellent software is still supported and current.

Perhaps in the future Elgato will integrate internet channels into the already exceptional software.

Obviously I really like Elgato EyeTV software in combination with the SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL 2-Tuner. It is a elegant OTA solution for the cord cutter. The reference to it in your blog indicates that Elgato may have fallen off your radar. As an expert, you might want to look again.

Michael Morris

Joelsef said...

Thanks, Michael!

I haven't looked so much on the Mac side of things, as our house is mostly Windows/Android. I will have to look again at that side of things. Who knows, maybe I can get a Mac to test it out. :-)

Joelsef said...

BTW, I fixed the misspelling of "Elgato." :-)

marty estrada said...

I have run EyeTV on several Macs that get the HD feed via wifi from an HDHomerun single and the dual for several years (3 tuners).

I configured both HDHomerun single and dual to Windows Media Center on a bootcamp partition. It looks fantastic in WMC with an intuitive UI. No need for a TV Guide subscription, WMC's includes the EPG too!

These devices are so outdated that Silicondust's support page doesn't even specify whether or not they are DLNA compatible. I figured since they are not recognized on an XBOX One that they are not.

I plan to upgrade the tuners so I can have DLNA support and expand this service to that XBOX One if the Dual and Single have that limitation. I would like to know what is the most minimal upgrade that provides that functionality without having to get the Prime tuner since I'm unplugged from cable/satellite and will not need to attach the cable card.

I hope this helps.

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