Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ready for What's Next

Sometimes you pause, take a step back, and realize that it's time to try something new. For me, that time has come yet again.

I am forging a new adventure with my career. I'm leaving a place I've been for almost eleven years, which is most of my professional life. I started web development at a small company, came to a medium sized company for those eleven years, and now am going to an enormous company.

Some people might call me crazy. I surely do.

The thing I am going to miss the most is working with all of the wonderful people at the old place. Maybe some day our paths will cross again. In the meantime, we have Facebook, Twitter, and the interwebs.

Keep on truckin'.


@Usher said...

I wonder if our paths will ever cross again. :-/

Claire said...

Bold move. Congratulations!