Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On a Safari

I am writing this blog entry using the Apple Safari browser. On a Lenovo ThinkPad running Windows XP. Are pigs flying? Has hell frozen over?

Nope! Apple has released a beta of the Safari 3 browser for Windows.

I am intrigued by this development.


-du- said...

Apparently hell has frozen over, or at least Hell, Alaska (not sure if it actually exists or not, but I can dream).

I like the UI of Safari, but unfortunately there's one minor caveat (and maybe it's just the way that I've set up my Vista boxes) but when I get an Integrated Windows Authentication popup box for username and password, Safari keels over and crashes.

Joelsef said...

Why would you want to use SharePoint in Safari? ;-)

Ronin said...

Personally, I want to like Safari, but the Windows Authentication issue isn't just for SharePoint. It also chokes on it for Outlook Web Access and any other corporate website that I've tried that requires authentication.