Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First Review of the book

Check out the review!


Euan said...

I cant wait to get my copy!

Although I was a little foolish and rushed in an ordered it from Amazon not realising it was in C#. But I guess I can convert the code examples to Or learn C#

Either way it will be good to have a solid resource for help and a walkthough for designing MCMS sites!

Joelsef said...

Hi Euan,

Thanks for purchasing our book! We hope you enjoy it!

We decided to do the book in C#, but you should be able to translate all of the code samples to VB (and, as you said, learn C# in the process).

If you need help with code (VB or C#), check out the MCMS newsgroup!


Euan said...

Hey Joel,

Got the book and I am *really* pleased with it. It reads very well and is easy to follow.

I especially like the book because it details the steps of building a site from scratch.

I inherited three MCMS sites from a development company a year ago and have stuggled through it but getting there.

Now with the book already its clearing grey areas and giving me confidence in MCMS.

Great stuff!