Wednesday, January 05, 2005

MCMS Standard Edition and non-subscriber users

Last fall, my team finished its first MCMS 2002 Standard Edition deployment. As we were deploying to production, we came across a user management issue that baffled us.

Now, the license for MCMS SE states that 15 unique non-subscriber users can be assigned to rights groups in Author, Editor, Moderator, Resource Manager, Template Designer, and Administrator roles. However, no matter what we did we could not have more than 14 non-subscriber users unless they were in all in the same rights group.

Well, it turns out that this is a little bug! We contacted Microsoft and they developed a patch for this particular problem, which only really applies to MCMS 2002 Standard Edition, not the Developer or Enterprise editions.

Check out KB890334 for more information, and contact Microsoft Product Support for the free patch.

Apparantly, there's also a related patch, KB883638, that has to do with fixing the ability to add Active Directory groups to subscriber rights groups in MCMS SE.

Thanks to Angus for bringing this up in the microsoft.public.cmserver.general newsgroup today! I've been meaning to post this for the past few weeks.

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